Buyer’s Guide for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The reason why you’re buying an electric height adjustable desk is to help you with your sedentary lifestyle and make the shift between sitting and standing while working easier for you. So, the first order of business, check out if this will last for a long time and sturdy enough to keep up with your pace.

Getting overloaded with a list of prospect brands can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re providing a buyer’s guide if you’re looking for the perfect electric height adjustable desk based on your needs:

Height Range

Maintaining a proper posture while working while working from home is a must to stay healthy and productive.

Whether you’re on a sitting or standing position while working on your laptop/desktop, your keyboard should be at a height that allows your elbows to be bent about 90 degrees and close to your sides. To prevent your wrist from getting numb and worked up, try raising your forearms a little so your wrists are in a neutral position and your arms and hands can move freely.

Whatever your height is, the FlexiSpot Electric Height Adjustable Desks will surely cater to your needs. This desk ensures comfortability and easy transition of working position. Try using our Ergonomic Calculator to figure out what measurement you need for your workstation.


The FlexiSpot E2E is designed with a 2-stage frame, the E1 with a dual-motor, both with a keypad w/ digital display and 3 programmable height presets and a height range from 28.1″ – 47.4″.


If you have a heavier load and higher height, say music equipment for recording, or file storage on top of your desk, then it’s best if you choose a dual-motor desk like the E3. Having a dual-motor frame means that it has a speed of 38mm per second while being able to lift 125kg load of equipment. 

Desktop shape and size

Whether you feel creative working on a curve or rectangle desk, FlexiSpot has given you more options to upgrade your workstation setup – choosing between curved and rectangular desks. To make your workstation more ergonomic, experts advise that extra space for an extra keyboard would be beneficial to further open up your shoulders and put your arms and wrists in a more neutral position when writing. It enables you to also maintain optimal distance from your laptop screen.

Standing Desk with Rectangular Top built with an extra- spacious 1″ thick work surface made of premium environmentally friendly chipboard. Features 2-key digital display panel, and is available in sizes 47.2″and 55″. Both the curved and rectangular desks offer a 47.2” and 55’’ desk space, which means a more comfortable area for your arm while typing, and less shoulder tension due to compressed spaces. With the desks mentioned above, you’re in good hands.


There are myriad of adjustable standing desks available in the market that includes a keypad for automatic up and down movement of the desk, however, it’s highly-suggested to choose something that offers easy operation and has an advanced all-in-one keypad. Why? This ensures you get your preferred height adjustment in just a few seconds and also stores your desired height and also have a reminder system for seamless change of position.

Weight Capacity 

Now that you have that stylish and quality standing desk in mind, also determine if your desk can withstand heavy equipment load to protect your expensive equipment from the risk of falling.

Make sure it doesn’t wobble and you should know the difference between a single and dual-motor before anything else. Dual motor variants happen to be 3-stage, which simply means the overhead weight is further supported by additional leg columns, offering faster speed and stability, while single motor desks have 2-stage columns or two telescopic leg sections, which allows smooth and quick movement depending on its weight capacity.

FlexiSpot desks offer more than stability and enhanced structural outlook for heavy-duty performance. As for the weight capacity, the FlexiSpot E1 and E3R desk can hold up to 100kg while the E3 desk can accommodate the weight of 125kg. 

Noise Level

If you’re easily distracted at work, then the FlexiSpot’s Electric Height Adjustable Desk E3 or any FlexiSpot’s adjustable standing desks for that matter would be a perfect choice. All our desks have thoroughly tested motors and have a noise level under 50 dBs and perform quietly while transitioning from whatever the height is.


Taking a look at desks’ certification before purchasing one is a smart move. This ensures you the associated hazard, and to make sure that the product is compliant with one or more directives, acts, or safety standards.


Before buying a standing desk, determine if they offer a warranty. This will serve as an additional protection if something goes wrong or there’s a defect in the product or the workmanship. Fortunately, for all FlexiSpot Height-Adjustable Desk purchased on or after October 5, 2016, there is a 5-year warranty for the frame, motor and other mechanisms, and a 2-year warranty for the controller and switch, electronics.

To check out the products which are covered with warranty, the conditions, and how to file a claim to one of the our FlexiSpot products, click here.

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